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The origin of the neoprene wristband

Editor:   Click: 197   Date: 2013-5-2

The origin of the neoprene wristband

First on the wrist wear this neoprene wristband athletes is the tour de France cyclist Armstrong, he has his own like neoprene wristband color write some encouraging yourself in this painting, for his game to cheer. In a public welfare activities, Armstrong made many wrote a variety of inspirational words neoprene wristband to poor children, so the neoprene wristband at that is also called an inspirational ring. To NBA, wrist strap color players with mostly and to match colours match, the effect is not what people say can be like Bracers as to play a protective role, red rope like Yao Ming hand belt, play is a kind of decoration and the blessing of the role, or like Armstrong, used to motivating yourself to play the game.

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