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Super plush velvet tide let your bag is no longer monotone

Editor:   Click: 32   Date: 2015-1-5

[Abstract] how to bag no longer monotonous? Hanging plush velvet jewelry? Fendi bag plush doll ornaments on the T stage regarded shine, Kardashian sisters at home is also very keen on this match too!
Local time on February 15, 2014, London, England, Leaf Greener London Fashion Week debut in 2014. Kelly bag coupled with crimson Fendi fur ball ornaments, lovely atmosphere immediately bring a hint of feminine mix.
Local time on February 9, 2014, in New York, actress Kate Foley off the New York Fashion Week debut. Classic Fendi bag with plush purple pendant with light blue fur coat who echo each other.
Local time on February 15, 2014, London, England, Olivia Palermo London Fashion Week debut in 2014 autumn and winter. Fendi handbags with crimson hair ball pendant, allowing the overall mix warmer.
Compact Chanel bag stuffed with lovely ornaments full of interesting.

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