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The bag is still popular in the Tang Dynasty

Editor:   Click: 32   Date: 2015-1-5

so today we'll be tempted to curiosity, to explore the secrets of the ancients, imagine ancient style. Yesterday, the "posture condensate elegance - figurines unearthed in Luoyang Exhibition" held in Zhengzhou Museum. The Exhibition is organized by the Museum Zhengzhou, Luoyang Museum organized the exhibition of more than three months, like Tang culture, like figurines sculpture art lovers can visit the exhibition.

Zhengzhou Evening News reporter Jiao Xin Shang Wen / map

Many exhibits from Luoyang Anpu Tomb

"Pose condensate elegance - Luoyang unearthed pottery exhibition" into the Music - Dance, Wenchen, Miriam Wei travel, Custodian of the King, and other parts of peerless elegance, featured 230 different periods figurines unearthed in Luoyang, a true reflection each period of history, culture and art. Figurines on display categories include acrobatics, music and dance, the waiter, the civil service, warriors, kings, tomb and other animals, can be described as the large number of fine blend.

Luoyang is the starting point of the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty, the reporter saw, this exhibition contains some of the Silk Road theme barbarian figurines, camel figurines and other cultural relics. "A lot of the exhibits come from Luoyang Anpu Tomb, such as tomb beast, King figurines. Anpu is Xiyu, Anpu Tomb refers Tang Dingyuan Gen. Ann Ho Bo and his wife's burial tomb was found in one of the few in Luoyang an intact tomb. "Why figurines many barbarian style? Zhengzhou Tang Wei, director of the museum exhibition, the "Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty more freely, a large number of foreigners living in Luoyang Object barbarian, camels, horses are the Tang Liang Western craftsmen performance. Regardless of the number or artistic value, have reached a peak. "

Female figurines hand in the bag is also popular today

"Just figurines Luoyang, the ancient have appeared, beginning from the Han Sheng, Tang most abundant beautiful ancient craftsmen who does not meet the character and texture of clay in the creative process, so the paint color, glazing on pottery, famous the pottery figurines came into being, so that the dark underground space filled with gorgeous colors. "Tang Wei said.

Figurines unearthed in Luoyang, the Tang Dynasty female figurines graceful charm, the most striking trend attire. In the "peerless" section, the reporter saw one that called "flowers" in the Tang Dynasty pottery, giving her a high prevalence of hair, hand bag is also popular today, it is conceivable Tang economic and cultural life civilization and openness.

By figurines sculpture, so we seem to return to the Tang era, but also the feeling that we are now living in the Tang Dynasty, fashion is still popular, has not changed. opportunity.

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